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Blooming Gel

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Let's set free your creativity with Clear and White Gel Blooming! Add gorgeous flower blooms and dramatic 3D effects to your nails in minutes.

Curing time:

LED – 30 sec

UV – 1 min

Content: 15 ml

Beautiful Blooming Effect: With our Clear Blooming Gel Polish, you can easily create nail patterns like marble, natural stone, watercolor, floral print, tie dye, gradients, and more! You can create beautiful, unique, and exquisite nail art in seconds. Using a gel polish color or colors and a nail art tool, draw your design into the wet blooming gel and let it settle/bloom.

Buy Clear Blooming Gel Polish from Gel Nail Company to get the magnificent effect and is suitable for all nail art systems. So simple, yet so enjoyable - First, apply the basecoat and cure it with a led light. Next, apply the blooming gel and use the gel polish to get the desired look. Wait for a few seconds and cure it with a lead lamp. Finally, apply the topcoat and cure it with a led lamp.