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White Builder Gel

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What's your favorite builder gel? How about a change in your nail routine? Or a change of perspective?

Mosaic Builder Gel is a self-leveling, non-yellowing formula for the most elegant, professional, and radiant French application. This builder gel is flexible with a level three viscosity. Mosaic Builder Gel may also be used as a white polish. Its soft texture makes application much easier by placing two layers, curing, filing, and buffing the shape. It will leave you with a French technique that is perfect.

  • One-phase thick viscosity snow-white builder gel. Soft in pick up. The bright white color and perfect curing make it ideal for salons and competitions. Easy to file

  • One-phase milky white gel. Doesn’t yellow. Thick viscosity but self-leveling. Doesn’t flow. Time saver.

Curing time:

LED – 1 min (Pinch on)

UV – 4 min (Pinch on):

Content: 15 ml